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Emilyn is a metro-Vancouver-born Filipino-Canadian multi-instrumental backup musician turned independent singer/songwriter and artist. With heartfelt lyrics, get-stuck-in-your-head melodies, funk-inspired bass, and full harmonies, Emilyn is here not just to create music, but community. Emilyn delivers quirky and fun performances solo, or anywhere from one to nine people in her backing band of top-notch local Vancouver session musicians. With more songs always in the works and collaborations with The Project Vancity on the horizon, there is always more coming from Emilyn!

Gaining musical knowledge in choirs all throughout her teens, she started teaching music and vocal coaching within her musical theatre productions. That inspired her to begin teaching singing lessons with various professional music schools around the lower mainland while she completed her bachelor’s degree at SFU and then her teaching degree with UBC. She joined various musical groups and clubs as well as started a brand new open mic at the SFU local pub, eventually leading her to meet many amazing musicians in many different genres of music. 

From there, Emilyn started singing backup vocals and playing percussion for her best friend Josh Job, eventually getting noticed by other artists and groups wanting someone who could harmonize on a dime and have fun on stage while doing it. Indigenous (Indie-Rock) group Sister Says took her to her first festival stages, while the Travis James (Pop/Folk) band played Granville Street on weekends. Then she played with Maria Cenzina (Rnb/Alternative), Victoria Groff (Pop), Tess Anderson (Alt-Rock) and more. She met Adrian Fitzpatrick, a local bassist with similar ambitions, as well as Keely Rammage-Scott, Jeremiah Gowen, and more session musicians who were all noticing the same things. 

Noticing a lack of connection between all the different communities within the Vancouver music scene, Emilyn banded together with her community and set out to bring them together, culminating in the birth of “theprojectvancity” and The Metro Vancouver Musician & Videography Society: an organization dedicated to bringing musicians together across genres and sectors of the Vancouver music scene. The Project Vancity video series acts as a bridge across barriers for musicians to come together and collaborate. 

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Performing a Saturday night at the Fox Cabaret, Vancouver

Reflecting on her newfound identity as a solo artist, EMILYN.

Performing as a backup vocalist/multi-instrumentalist around Vancouver